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We at Fresh Start believe that you cannot solve new problems with old solutions which is why we are glad to hear that people are trying to come up with new ideas to combat homelessness.

A housing crisis is nothing new to any region of the world but a housing crisis in a world with 21st century techology is.

There are many homeless people in the bay that have jobs which is crazy, but it shows that solutions of old may not be adequate enough anymore.

In the bay a fresh start no longer only means starting a new chapter in life, but continuing the same chapter on a new page.

This is what we and all charities who aim to help the homeless do. We want everyone to have a chance to get back to their lives and make a fresh start on their terms. 

Because everyone deserves a fresh start.

San Jose task force looks for new ways to combat housing crisis

An article written by ABC 7's David Louie states that a 14 year study identified which people are the most vulnerable to becoming homeless.

According to the article the homeless population in San Jose increased by 42% in the past two years. 

In response to the increased lack of affordable housing a task force has been created to come up with different solutions to the housing crisis.



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Original article by David Louie- ABC 7- January 15, 2020

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