Hotel Room

Santa Clara County is setting up Hotel Rooms and Temporary Homeless Shelters to house homeless during Shelter in Place.


Original article by  Mercury News 

Fresh Start Take Away

It is great to see that the city of Santa Clara is taking the initiative to house hundreds of homeless people during this pandemic.

We at Fresh Start love to see ingenious ideas to difficult problems. Moving forward we hope that more innovative solutions are put forward to help the homeless in the Bay and across the country.

Because Everyone Deserves A Fresh Start

In Santa Clara County, 172 rooms in hotels and motels were secured by the County to assign them to homeless occupants to stay in compliance with Shelter in Place guidelines. Sixty-eight of those rooms have been filled; of them, nine are accommodating individuals or families who tested positive/ or were confirmed to be exposed to coronavirus. 


Additionally, Santa Clara County and the city of San Jose are working on moving homeless individuals into tiny homes and 109 state-owned trailers. 


San Francisco has rented 300 hotel rooms for individuals identified as high risk, some including homeless individuals, and has another 920 rooms in the pipelines to house high-risk individuals. 


Read the story of one homeless woman's journey to reserve a room for her family and the financial hardship they are going through in the link below.

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