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Homeless Population - The group with the least amount of coverage amid the coronavirus epidemic?


Original article by Emma Ockerman March 17, 20 - Vice

Fresh Start Take Away

It is terrible to know that our most vulnerable populations do not have the hygiene or protection they need during this pandemic.

That is why we at Fresh Start do what we do, because not everyone has access to resources like clean water, soap, or a place to lay their head.

Hopefully one day, homelessness will be a relic of a bygone era.

Because Everyone Deserves A Fresh Start

News stations are rushing quickly to provide current, easily accessible, and informational news stories, tips, and political coverage on actions taken by government officials to families everywhere on the spread of the coronavirus and the efforts to combat the virus.


Tech hubs, school centers, combat bases are objects of discussion; across the country, people are demanding updates on how their neighbors and or/ affinity groups are faring without the option of checking for themselves.


Homeless individuals were already disenfranchised from the same job, physical resource, and life opportunities before the outbreak. This disease will more critically hit them as they do not have the same support network. 


The first reported death of a homeless person in Silicon Valley was on March 17, 2020. It is estimated:


" The state has 108,000 homeless people who need protecting amid the global pandemic."

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