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New Tiny House Community in South San Jose to shelter homeless individuals during coronavirus epidemic


Original articles by  Maggie Angst April 22, 20 Mercury News

Fresh Start Take Away

This is great news. It is wonderful to hear that the government is taking steps to fully home the homeless. 

At Fresh Start we hope that the government can ramp up production soon so that 20 tiny homes turns into thousands of permanent dwellings.

Because Everyone Deserves A Fresh Start

According to Mercury News, currently, in 2020, Nearly 6,200 people in San Jose lack a place to call home — a number that has jumped 42 percent in the past two years.


In San Jose, the public health community issue of homelessness is being exacerbated by the effects of coronavirus. In the latest news, the city and state’s COVID-19 emergency declarations allowed city officials to use a plot of by Bernal Immediate School (South San Jose) as a tiny home community for the homeless. 


Read an excerpt below:


“The site at Bernal and Monterey is expected to house up to 80 people in 16-20 modular buildings that each accommodate three to five individuals. The units will either have their own bathroom, or a bathroom will be shared between two units, according to a city document. The site, which will include a community kitchen, laundry room and meeting space, will be operated by an organization that will provide supportive services to the residents


Deputy City Manager Jim Ortball said that the city is designing the housing development to ‘meet a variety of needs in the short term during this crisis’ and for its expected 10 to 15-year lifetime, including potentially to isolate homeless individuals or low-income residents with confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 who do not require hospitalization but are unable to self-quarantine.”


This new site would be the city’s third tiny home community for homeless residents.

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