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Original article by  Caitlin O'Cane Feb 26, 2020

Fresh Start Take Away

Stories like this are what make us smile at Fresh Start. It is amazing that a man like this is deciding to help those in need on his own without and push or need for fame.

Generosity that is pure may seem like a rare thing to find these days, so it is wonderful when it is brought to our attention.

Thank you Dr. Stewart for all you do.

Because Everyone Deserves A Fresh Start

I was watching community TV when I came across an amazing man. 


Pets for homeless people can offer a sense of protection and security and hope as companions - " a reason not to give in to despair or fall deeper into drug or alcohol addiction," said Dr. Kwane Stwewart. For some homeless individuals, it is their sole purpose for waking up in the morning. The power of pet companionship should not be slighted. 


For nine years, veterinarian Dr. Kwane Stewart has been developing his passion project of providing vet services to homeless people and their pets. He offers assistance by providing quick check-ups, medication, or food to pets on the streets, earning him the reputation of "The Street Vet." He knows the bulk of the unforeseen cost for homeless individuals people lies not in pet food but in accessing a medical diagnostic for their animal companions. 


98% of the pets Stewart encounters are dogs; occasionally, he comes across cats, birds, or reptiles. He differentiates, "homeless people are with their animal every minute of every day," unlike owners who leave for a full 10 hours from home and have their pets pine for them. 


His mission spread virally in his reality TV show, where he offers his services in multiple Californian cities. While he travels, he speaks to homeless individuals on the streets, making a few friends and gaining a better understanding of their circumstances, fears, and hopes. This show is available in smaller markets in Eastern Europe, Canada, and China. 


He accepts donations on his gofundme page dedicated to raising funds for treatment of minor and severe cases, from ear infection treatment to tumor removal. He had started his volunteer operations by paying for medications out of pocket, grateful to have found reduced-price products, and by performing pro-bono surgeries. To not turn anyone down, and because costs add up, Stewart has allowed it to become a community mission. He told reporters, "I don't plan on stopping anytime as long as I have the strength to do it."


He urges people everywhere to make an impact using what skills they have to offer to alleviate homelessness, and Freshstart agrees. Outside of his passion project, Stewart holds a high profile title as the Chief Veterinary Officer of American Humane.

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