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Fresh Start Take Away

At Fresh Start we are glad to see that the concept of hotels for the homeless is becoming and international answer to a difficult problem.

It is also wonderful to see that the hotel partnered with charities to provide addiction workshops. 

Homelessness is often not a problem of just lack of housing. Many people who are homeless suffer from other hardships that make it hard to become housed. 

Our hope is that mental issues and addiction issues become a priority in the American health care system.

Because Everyone Deserves A Fresh Start

Homeless Individuals find a place to rest at the Fownes Hotel England


Original article by  Good News Network, June 5, 2020

The global coronavirus health epidemic has left many everyday people within the U.S and abroad, desiring uplifting stories that reveal human kindness and strength of human relationships.


The Fownes Hotel, Worcester England, is a five-star hotel that typically charges its clients 165 euros per night. During this period, they have opened their doors to provide free housing and meals to homeless individuals, while some stayed at the hotel for over five weeks. Also, the hotel had chosen to partner with a homeless charity to provide workshops on managing addictions and seeking future accommodations to homeless guests. They are operating at half capacity, with 15 of the 26 staff members currently furloughed. The hotel has similarly provided accommodation in the past for people devastated by a local flood in Feb 2020.

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