Neighborly Act in 'Wind City': Heaters on the street of Chicago for homeless individuals


Original article by  ABC All Good

Fresh Start Take Away

We at Fresh Start think that this an amazing act of kindness that is dearly needed in the homeless community especially in a place like Chicago.

Chicago and many places in America have record breaking low temperatures during the winter which makes it very hard for the homeless to stay warm. It is wonderful to see that average people are trying to make a difference in this area.

Because Everyone Deserves A Fresh Start

The global coronavirus health epidemic has left many everyday people within the U.S and abroad, desiring uplifting stories that reveal human kindness and strength of human relationships.


In December 2019, One Chicagoan identified as Carey Gidron was bringing heaters and propane to a homeless encampment off Lake Shore Drive, "Tent City." He finances the heaters, toiletries, and other essential items out of his own pocket money. Gidron was a former pastor, and this effort has been mostly a small group effort with help from his family and friends. In December, when he was interviewed, his three times a week conversations on the ground with homeless individuals have helped him quickly identify their needs.

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