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Governor Gavin Newsom wants to dedicate $1.4 billion dollars to help the homeless


Original article by Alicia Victoria Lozano-NBC News- January 11, 2020

Fresh Start Take Away

Here at Fresh Start we are thrilled to hear this news because it shows that people are paying attention and charities are not alone in the fight to end homelessness. 


While it is fantastic that more people are going to get off the street with the help of the governor we must also continue to think about those who won't.


Our dream at fresh start is to see a California where public showers and restrooms are prevalent in major cities.


This way no matter how many or how few people experience homelessness they can still have access to proper hygiene.  

Because everyone deserves a fresh start.

An Article written by Alicia Victoria Lonzano, digital reporter of NBC news, 

states that California governor Gavin Nusom is trying to get $1.4 billion dollars approved for projects and programs that help the homeless.

According to the article the money is going to be primarily used on projects that have an immediate impact such as emergency housing, rent support, and mental health programs. 

Check out the full article here.