Who is processing the donations?

Donations are processed through paypal. Once you fill out the donation form you will be directed to paypal where you can finish the payment process.

How do I setup a donor account?

When you make a recurring donation you will automatically be able to get a donor account. Once you have made your first recurring donation you will recieve a couple of emails. One will be from FreshStart and one from paypal.

The one from FreshStart has instructions at the bottom for setting up your donor account, but make sure to wait 10-15 minutes before activating your donor account as the system will still be processing your information.


We have partnered with a company called donorbox so your donor account is located on their site. If you have any problem with your donor account contact donorbox by clicking on the help button located on the bottom right of your account screen.

How do I change or cancel my donation?

To view your donation history you use donorbox but to change or cancel your donation you will go through paypal. Simply open your paypal account and augment your donation. See Below

To change frequency or amount......................

paypal manage account.jpg

to cancel....

Paypal cancellation.jpg

How do I view my donation history?

You can view your donation history via your donorbox account. Log in to donorbox and your donation history should show up on your home screen.