San Francisco

Fresh Start Take Away

At Fresh Start this news comes two fold.


On the one hand we are happy that people from around the country are getting a look at what is happening in the bay.


On the other hand we are sad that there are so many people without homes and access to proper hygiene that this article needed to be written.

Perhaps the realization of how the homeless suffer, will inspire the conference attendees to donate to charitable organizations that can help.

This article also highlight just how inaccessible proper hygiene is for the homeless in California.

The homeless in California do not even have adequate access to the bare necessities such as toilet paper and this is what we at Fresh Start seek to change.

Because everyone deserves a fresh start.

Attendees at JP Morgan conference voice concern about the homeless in SF.

Bankers and corporate giants took over the streets of San Francisco for JP Morgans annual conference according to Bloomberg news and were appalled by the state of the city.


In an article written by Sophie Alexander  and Riley Griffin, quite a few conference attendees had a strong opinion about the state of the homeless in SF and their lack of proper hygiene. 

The article states that the prices for hotels in the area were in some cases four times their normal rate, yet attendees paying these high prices still had to contend with feces on the street.



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Original article by Sophie Alexander and Riley Griffin- Bloomberg News-January 14th, 2020