Homeless Are Most Susceptible To Coronavirus

March 17, 2020;


Homeless Population - The group with the least amount of coverage amid the coronavirus epidemic?

News stations are rushing quickly to provide current information and political coverage on actions taken by government officials to combat the spread of the coronavirus in our streets which includes the homeless population.

Employees of tech hubs, stores, and shopping malls are all wondering how they are going to survive this crisis but homeless individuals were already disenfranchised from these resources, and other life opportunities before the outbreak.

The coronavirus will more critically hit the homeless due the fact that they do not ha have the same support network as those who were employed and housed before the outbreak. They are more susceptible to the coronavirus because they do not have access to hygiene products or hand washing stations, and now the few bathrooms they could use via coffee shops or stores are closed as well.

The first reported death of a homeless person in Silicon Valley was on March 17, 2020. It is estimated:

" The state has 108,000 homeless people who need protecting amid the global pandemic."

"I Want to help but don't know how."

It is important now more than ever that the homeless get the proper access to hygiene products and services than ever before. Many people want to help but don't know how. Instead of giving the homeless money give them soap, disposable wipes, anything that help them stay clean. The dollar tree has several hygiene products that you can buy and they only cost $1.

You can always help out by donating to our charity, FreshStart Homeless Project and we will buy the products and make the donation for you. Just click on the donate tab in the page menu.

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