Temporary Homeless Shelters Due To Virus

March 17, 2020;

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Temporary Homeless Shelters during Coronavirus Outbreak

One part of Governor Galvin Newsom's architectural plan to halt the spread of Coronavirus on the streets is to lease hotel units as temporary shelters for the homeless population. Approximately 900 hotels state-wide were identified as potential shelter sites to be rented out.

"In terms of the homeless population being housed in hotels, Newsom said that 393 rooms at two separate hotels near the Oakland Airport have been procured. The rooms will be cared for and controlled by the state, not the hotel staff, and Newsom is also planning to set up quarantine trailers elsewhere for the unsheltered population who are not infected."

At the moment, the sfist is unsure "whether that works or not remains to be seen." This action is undoubtedly a step towards the right direction in responding to street-level concerns about the effects of the outbreak.

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url: https://sfist.com/2020/03/17/newsom-leases-hotels-for-homeless-sup-preston-proposes-doing-the-same-with-555-fulton/)

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