Who We Are

I am going to be brief

We are not special. We are simply people who live in one of the richest countries in the world yet see people sleeping on the streets every night, struggling to survive. So we said to ourselves.....

"This is not right."


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Why Homeless Hygiene

Humor us for a minute.
Imagine how you would feel if you haven't had a shower in two weeks. Now imagine feeling unclean and entering a library full of patrons to use one of their computers to find a job.
Congrats, you finally got an interview! Now imagine going to your interview without having a shower or any kind of basic hygiene for 3 weeks.

This is what thousands of homeless people go through everyday except they do not have a home, they haven't showered in months, and they struggle on a daily basis to find food and keep warm. 

This is why we created this charity. Because everyone deserves a
Fresh Start. 




Vice President

I joined Fresh Start because I saw a problem and I wanted to be a part of fixing it.

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Joining Fresh Start was important for me because I wanted to make a change in the lives of those who really needed help .

" I created Fresh Start because I have always had a desire to help those in need and to me involuntary homelessness is something that should not exist in society.

For all the reasons above and more I want to give those without homes a fresh start. A productive, alert, happy mind really does start with a fresh, healthy body."

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Chief Tech

Fresh Start became a part of my world because it made sense. How could anyone be expected to prosper and thrive when they can't even take a shower or wash their hair.